Atop-Tieto Oy


Finnish Atop-Tieto Oy, founded in 1986, is a leading provider of workload calculation tools. Our tools can be used to calculate workloads of facility management, catering services and cleaning. We offer quality management solutions and consulting. Our customers are from private and public sectors, service providers as well as buyers. We focus on software applications and exceptional service.

Our customers enjoy the best software with up to date industry specific databanks and professional customer services. We hope to help our customers to improve efficiency, competitiveness and growth.



Use our applications and databanks to plan necessary workload to your projects and monitor achieved quality levels. Make use of drawings with comprehensive CAD features – add value to your planning.



We offer consulting for catering and cleaning services, quality control and work research.

Hotline user support gives quick and dependable solutions to various questions that may arise. Offered drawing services complete our specialist service selections.



Complete package of Training services. We offer basic, -advanced and bonus courses as well as customer specific training sessions. We have also introduced training for Insta 800 certification, another industry first in Finland from Atop-Tieto Oy. Our trainers provide practical and efficient courses.